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Virginia Bender - December 2018

 I went to Karen to get a spray tan for an event and it turned out perfect!  It was an extremely

comfortable and private environment and she makes you feel welcome.  She checked with

me several times throughout the process to make sure I liked the color, so if you're worried

about being too dark or too light she makes sure it's exactly what you want.  Not only is she

super professional, friendly and knowledgeable, she's great at what she does and I'm happy 

with my tan! 100% recommend.


* * * * *

Kelly Cavertta - October 2018

 Karen is much more than just an amazing esthetician, she's a naturally gifted healer 

bringing her whole hear to her work.  I left feeling refreshed, glowing and my body felt amazing.

So grateful to have found such an amazing women.  Can't wait to return to telluride to see her again!!! 


* * * * *

KLisa Hollingsworth-Stritt - August  2018

 My daughter and I took a girls trip from SC to Telluride in August.  She is early

20s and was having sensitive skin and acne issues.  Prior to our trip her dermatologist

recummended accutane.  We were both uncomfortable with that recommendation so we

decded to search for alternatives on the trip.  Based upon glowing (no pun intended) reviews,

we called to see if we could book an appointment with Karen.  She was quick to call us and

spent a good bit of time gathering information about our situation.  When she found we would 

only be n town a few days she made a same day appointment at 5pm!  She was beyond wonderful 

to work with.  Her knowledge and product selection are amazing.  She spent well over our

appointment time and went into great depth about skincare, the procedures she did, what to

expect, and follow up care at home in SC. We were just blown away at how much

she genuinely cared about her clients and her passion for her profession.  Karen even texted 

multiple times since our visit to check on my daughter's progress.  All of the other great

reviews were right on point!  You should definately treat yourself to the experience!!

She is fantastic :) L Stritt.


* * * * *

Kendal Smith - August  2018

Karen was great.  Took extra time on the treatment to make sure it was

 perfectand was incredibly personable.


* * * * *

Jenn Rader - July  2018

Five stars isn't enough to rate Karen,  She deserves T-E-N 

This is the best spray tan I have ever recieved.  She was so kind and

 made sure everything was perfect.


* * * * *

Sheila McNair - June 2018

Karen is incredible.  She looks at you, gets to know you and then 

knows exactly what you need.  A trip for waxing turning in to a facial

with some reflexology on a camping trip to Telluride and it was a 

wonderful, rejuvenating and relaxing experience.  She's an expert and

she knows what she's doing - she really give you her energy and is 

full of love and light.  I'll be using her services every time I'm in Telluride.


* * * * *

Martha Starr - March 2018

OShe is my go to gal for my face and body.  Every treatment 

I have had is perfection.  In Telluride my skin becomes dull and dry. 

 Karen transforms it back to a long lasting glow.  You'll fall

 in love with the products.  Her massage skills are excellent too.


* * * * *

Domitille Camus - January 2018

AmaZing facial!  Mostly recommending it!!! 

Thank you karen


* * * * *

Jennifer Lord -  December 2017

I just moved to Telluride and was worried I would never find

an esthetician like the one I had at home.  Karen was referred

to me and was excellent!  She is extremely knowledgable, and

really nurturing at the same time .... not to mention I love her 

British accent !


* * * * *

Kurt Shugars - October 2017

O She's a compassionate waxer, even though it's an 



* * * * *

Renee Buckhoff - March 2017

O Had an absolutely fabulous spa experience with Karen!

She is so attentive and personal.  My whole family set up a

spa treatment with her.  We will visit her every time we come

to Telluride!


* * * * *

Eric Johnson - February 2017

Outstanding, professional, and thorough massage. Worth every penny.

Karen is a very experienced expert and it shows in the art of her craft.

I will definitely  be using Karen again when I next visit.


* * * * *

Tina C-S - March 2017

My first visit to Telluride and Karen made it wonderful. Our group

 of 9 are all skiers except for me. I get to be pampered instead.

 3 treatments in 5 days. All completely different from the last. I left

 feeling great and looking younger.My eyebrows have never looked so good. 

Thank you Karen for really knowing your business! XOXO



* * * * *

Amanda C.

Gallup, NM - 3/25/2017

I researched the heck out of the spas in Telluride.  

Karen is the only one that offers the intraceuticals facial. 

 I LOVE hydrafacial and this was even better.  I swear my 

skin is still glowing 9 days after!  She got me ready for my 

wedding and my face looked and felt fantastic!  I also had a

 Hollywood wax and it had been years since I'd had one.   She 

was great.  Amazing women that was fun to talk to as well!!  

Get in there and see her!!

NFL Player - Houston Texans
90 Min Massage - 'That was exceptional, I believe you are the most knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist in North America, I have never had a massage therapist listen, or intuitively treat my issue areas. It was the best massage I have ever had.

Dr K - Denver, CO
Great massage, I am also a competitive cyclist, Karen's superior training and 20 years experience is evident.

Cat W - Austin TX - 'I know what I am looking for, I should after a 20+ year Career as a film and fashion global A List Make-Up Artist. Ahead of my last trip, I searched Body Treatments.  I looked at everything available in Telluride, and there was no doubt in my mind that Karen was exceptional, doing work way ahead of the alternatives.  I was right,  Karen is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and advanced.  I have not experienced this level before and enjoyed a week of great results, calming and fun company.  You struck gold'

Maya K - Honolulu HI - Wax genius - painless and great Conversation.

Dahlia M - Telluride CO - I just love the way Karen works my brows.

Isabella S - Abu Dhabi EMIRATES - I have launched global spa brands, and enjoy world class spa luxury, to find Karen during our family ski vacation is like striking gold.  Karen is a world class therapist, the real deal, a spa guru.

Tiffany F - Midland TX - burned my face badly TMC diagnosed second degree, I was in agony and looked a mess.  Saw Karen and my face was immediately soothed and healed quickly.  Karen sent me home with product to continue my recovery.  I'll be back in March.

Holly J - Telluride CO - I am a Surgical Nurse and sought help for my daughters acne. My daughter's skin now looks amazing, Karen did an awesome job. My turn!! No, seriously.

Alison M - Latitude 38 - I refer all my clients to Karen, she is absolutely the best.

Donna C - Laguna CA - 'I've experienced massages worldwide, this was the best I've ever had.'

Chris P - Telluride CO - "So professional, I was at total ease and I usually struggle to relax. I now treat myself often."  

Andrea P - NYC - 'I read great reviews on other sites for Karen.  I work in the NYC Model, Celebrity, Photography Industry and I'm planning to relocate to Telluride.  During my first scout of the area I booked a variety of treatments over the weekend with Karen - EXCEPTIONAL, and she has great local knowledge, hooked me up with other elite professionals in their field'. 

Donna M - Houston TX - "Karen introduced me to Intraceuticals, I went on to try it it at my other home town, but with Karen I see better results.  My brow tint somehow lasts longer too with Karen. 

Suzi S - Telluride CO - "Since Nov' 2011 I have been dedicated to my 'mother load' of monthly treatments - waxing, tinting, CACI and Intraceutical facials.  It's the best feeling, I look and feel revived for weeks, before my next round. 

Lois M - Telluride - "I NEVER fall to sleep during facials.  Then, I was gifted a facial with Karen - 'slept like a baby'.  Lois - Telluride, CO 

Heidi O - Telluride CO - "I was ecstatic to find an Electrolygist in such a remote area.  Karen's work is gentle, speedy and effective. 

Ebba - Boulder CO "I visit Telluride twice a year, and always visit Karen for facials and massage.  It's the best. I've had. 

Amy A - Dallas TX - "Days before my dream wedding my Make Up Artist cancelled Karen stepped in created a beautiful look which lasted all day.

Tracy A - Dallas TX - "I was introduced to Karen via a Telluride wedding.  As a second home owner Karen is now my go to spa girl."  

Sue V - Telluride CO - "My Cosmetic Surgeon recommended I maintain his work with visits to Karen - he was right." 

Nancy N - Telluride CO - 'Struck and terrified by Bells Palsy.  After my doctor, I called Karen is my regular massage and beauty treatment therapist.  I had heard her speak powerfully of Reflexology and believed she would have some great advice in any case.  Karen encouraged me to schedule Reflexology asap.  Immediately after treatment, already on antibiotics,  my symptoms eased and within two weeks I was back to normal.  I honestly attribute my speedy recovery from Bells Palsy to my Reflexology treatment.' 

   SQUARE Card Processing Reviews
    Jacklyn S  3/20/16
    Karen is very knowledgable and educated my teen on the 
importanceof many topics related to regular cleaning & products.

Nancy D - 9/15/16

     Shannon H  9/28/16
Very professional, efficient & competent. Feeling radiantly tan and