MAC-Pro Make-Up Artist

Illuminating an individuals beauty is exciting.  I delight in how color and shading enhances features, especially the confidence it creates.  Plan your MAC-Pro make-up with Karen, British qualified Beauty Therapist, Clarins Paris MAC-Pro and Sothy's Paris Trained Make-Up Artist with 25 years experience.

Red Carpet Ready

A-List Make-Up Artists and leading photographers know how to create their muse's greatest glow.  Make-up perfection starts with the Intraceuticals Oxygen Hydration Facial.  Intraceuticals creates the perfect base for flawless make-up application or bare picture perfect skin.  Schedule your Intraceuticals Facial and Make-Up Trial with Karen.  Day of event includes Intraceuticals beauty flash to boost your perfect base.  Trials are best repeated within week of event to manage tone and texture changes.

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