The Face Saver -It really is 'In Your Skin'!

This is the test I set each client up to take at the end of their Intraceuticals service, before protetive products are applied I hand over the mirror and ask them to touch there skin, everyone expects treatment residue on their skin, an all are wowed that it's 'in your skin'.   I have been in the prestige esthetics industry for many years, I know never to exaggerate treatment potential, and comfortable share Intraceuticals is as though you have had botox and fillers without injection sites!

Not just any Oxygen Facial, it's Intraceuticals, so it's in your skin, literally, medical grade safe cosmetic serums so light weight are delivered deep into the layers of your skin.  The results are undeniable, skin is noticeably smoother and firmer.  This is a perfect re-hydration, preventative or corrective anti aging treatment. 

INTRACEUTICALS is the hit with Make-Up Artists at Fashion Week's Globally

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