As an advanced Electroligyst I am able to offer Thermolysis to treat Millia,  Skin Tags, Broken Capillaries and Red Veins.  While Thermolysis is not a relaxing treatment my many years of experience and skill level allows me to make this intense treatment as comfortable as possible.  


It is necessary to schedule a visit for a full consultation before treatments begin, this allows me to assess your suitability for treatement, to establish your goals and establish realistic expectations.  Thermolysis is the technical term for cauterization.  Thermolysis is advanced electrolysis, where I select a sterile pre-packaged needle to focus the treatment on the requested area.  After treatment you will have redness, slight swelling and sensitivity.  Plan for localzied or general down time where you will not be able to exercise, use pools/saunas/spas etc or be in the sun.  This treatment is not suitable for clients with blood pressure or diabetic conditions, or those who bruise easily.

CONSULTATION - 30 mins $100

20 mins $80 + $18 Sterex Clear or Camouflage Home Care Cream

40 mins $160 + Sterex Clear or Camouflage Home Care Cream

60 mins $240 + Sterex Clear or Camouflage Home Care Cream

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