During my British Beauty Therapist Education, as part of my Electrolysis training.  I was introduced to the subject of Transgender.  My Electrolysis course (2 years Full Time) included an Endocrinology component, with an assignment to present on a selection of relevant topics.  I was compassionately curious and eager to present a paper on Gender Reassignment.  It turned out to be a wonderful experience, to learn and educate my educators and piers on the lives, psychology, reassignment options and process of Gender Reassignment.  

It is absolutely clear to me, I understand that Transgender clients were born into the wrong body gender for their gender.  While studying in 1994 I was convinced by Swedish Gender Research.  Swedish study focused on the Pituitary Gland in Post Mortem Transgender Donors.  It just makes sense to me, and I honor being a professional who can help a soul on their journey or gender reassignment.

I work in the esthetics arena only, and can help with face and body hair/thread vein management or permanent hair removal, body smoothing/contouring, tanning, brow/lash/ make-up design, facial contouring and skin smoothing.  Look through my web pages and let's talk about how I can support your injectable, cosmetic surgery procedures and gender reassignment with world class treatments.

My son is 7, I showed him the handsome little boy (bottom right), Jacob.  I asked if the photo was of a boy or a girl, and he confidently told me 'he is a boy'.  I showed him photos of people who were born in the wrong body and explained it in kids speak, and he understands and thinks it is great that they get to be who they are.  I asked him if he is a boy or a girl, if he thinks his body is the right one for him?  'I'm a boy' and off he ran with his snacks, happy.  He knows his truth, and you know yours. 

I see you, I hear you, you deserve the joy we all do.  I am here to assist you.