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24 hour Assistance is available at Telluride Medical Centre - 24 Hour -  Level 5 Trauma Care Center

Tel: 970 728 3848 - W. Pacific Ave. Telluride, CO 81435  


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What clients say:


* * * * *

Patricia Evans  - March 2017

Extremely efficient operation.  I was experiencing challenges with high altitude and Karen 

quickly delivered a oxygen rental unit to us within the hour.  She is knowledgeable about 

equipment and easy to reach via text questions mine was where is the tubing to connect

the bubbler?  I should have looked at the manual but I was oxygen deprived.  I would 

recommend this business to anyone needing supplemental oxygen in the Telluride area.

Karen is genuinely king and lovely person who is concerned about her clients well being.


* * * * *

Ashley Mitchell - March 2017


 Connie D. TX - Nov 3. 2016

* * * * *

Karen was wonderful and so quick to respond.

She made using the unit a breeze, and I was well

on my way to feeling better.  I will use Absolutely

Oxygen again and again.


 Cindy T.  AZ - Oct 28, 2016

* * * * *

We were in Telluride in September and ready to go 

out to dinner when my husband's portable oxygen

stopped working.  He can go without for a couple of

hours but would be very uncomfortable without

supplemental oxygen for longer than 2 hours at 

Telluride's altitude.  I call Absolutely Oxygen after

finding the number with a web search.  Karen was

most helpful and friendly.  An oxygen concentrator 

was delivered to our door within an hour.  When we

left Telluride we left the unit on our porch.  My 

experience far exceeded my expectations.  I highly 

recommend Absolutely Oxygen. 


 Jamie T.  NJ - Sept 28. 2016

* * * * *

Thank you for the amazing service and information.

We called Karen during a recent trip to Telluride and 

had no idea how severe altitude sickness can be.  

Thanks to Karen and her quick delivery directly to our 

hotel we were all feeling better in no time.  She was 

both professional and very knowledgeable.  I highly 

recommend her services.


 Gabrielle C.  UKGB - Sept 24. 2016

* * * * *

Visited Medical Center, given this number to rent an 

oxygen unit, for help with altitude sickness.  Karen 

spoke to me on the phone and was at my door within

 20 mins. Simple to organize, and saved my trip.  Nice 

quiet unit, and Karen's personal, friendly professional 

service earns 5 stars.


 Peter B. and Gail Z.  Wilson GA - June 8. 2016

* * * * *

Thanks to Karen Marshall for her rapid delivery and excellent

instruction on the OX concentrator.  Certainly made my stay in 

Telluride much more enjoyable.



* * * * *

 Cindy R.

St Pete Beach, FL - 8/21/2018

Karen was professional, informative, and very friendly.  She had the oxygen unit

at our condo before we arrived and the instructions were pretty simple.

My daughter was able to acclimate better this time around with us having

the oxygen on hand for her.  I will definitely use Absolute Oxygen for our future

visits in Telluride.  We love every minute there and want to feel our best



* * * * *

Aaron C.

NC - 8/7/2018

We've used Absolutely Oxygen's services twice.  It has been an

Incredible help acclimatizing to the elevation.  I highly recommend

if you suffer from the headaches and nausea as a result of high

elevation.  It will improve your trip immensely.



* * * * *

Dolores C.

NC - 6/16/2017

We used Absolutely Oxygen when we stayed in Telluride recently.  Karen the owner 

is amazing.  She dropped off the unit promptly, explained how to use it and was 

always available for any questions.  The oxygen helped us with headaches and

the other effects of the altitude.  We will definitely use this service again.  Highly recommend.



* * * * *

Gracie W.

NC - 1/14/2017

Within 2 hours of settling into our condo, our daughter

came down with altitude sickness.  She was lethargic, had

 a severe headache and was vomiting.  I called Karen at 

AbsolutelyOxygen, and she delivered an oxygen machine

 to the condo within 15 minutes.  Our daughter said she felt 

like a new person within acouple of hours.  Thank you Karen 

for your professionalism ]and extra care.



* * * * *

Connie D.

 TX - 11/3/2016

 Karen was quick and wonderful.  She delivered my oxygen

 within 30 minutes and I was well on my way to feeling 

better. Certainly made my stay in Telluride much 

more enjoyable.



* * * * *

Jamie T.

 NJ - 9/24/2016

 A huge Thank ou to Karen!  During or first family vacation to 

Telluride my kids and mom were having difficulty adjusting

to the altitude.  Everyone at Absolutely Oxygen was friendly,

professional and fabulous.  Thank you for your services

and taking such good care of my family.



* * * * *

Keith M.

 CA - 3/18/2016

 These guys are wonderful.  Our first day in Telluride,

my daughter came down with altitude sickness (severe

headache and vomiting).  My wife called Absolutely 

Oxygen and at 8pm on a Sunday night, the owner delivered

an oxgen machine to our rental.  30 minutes later my 

daughter was feeling much better, and the next morning

she felt great.


Personal Mail - Sept 2016 - Cindy J.

'Thank you Karen for your great service.

It allowed us a few extra days in paradise.



facebook 5*

 Samantha B - Sept 28. 2016

This place was a lifesaver during our family vacation.  Both 

of my kids were suffering from altitude sickness.  Absolutely 

Oxygen was so friendly and easy to deal with.  They delivered 

right to our hotel.  My babies felt so much better and we were

able to enjoy our vacation.


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