Whether you are a new or returning client, when you contact me to schedule your appointment, I take my time with you on the phone/in text.  We agree the schedule and treatment.  You are booked.

I always confirm appointments in text.  Allowing all clients the opportunity to understand the terms of the appointment, and where there is not an opportunity to cancel it is made clear.

This is my livelihood.  I take Credit Card information to protect my income, and regardless of the reason, I ALWAYS charge for missed appointments.

What Are Missed Appointments?
Canceling your scheduled appointment without giving the agreed 24 hours notice for 60 minute and under services, or 48 hours for over 60 minute services.

Arriving for your appointment and your Client Consultation determining that you are Contraindicated (not suitable) for your chosen treatment.  You will be offered suitable alternative treatment, but should you decline you will be charged for my lost time.  All Disease, Cancer, Heart, Injury, Recent Procedures - Cosmetic Injectables - all Surgery, Respiratory Conditions etc, have to be considered by you before you schedule your appointment.  It is your responsibility to offer this information during the booking process and during the Client Consultation.

Not turning up for your appointment.

Arriving late.  
Arrive 5 minutes ahead of your appointment and follow the directions in the confirmation text. If you arrive late, your treatment will still end at the scheduled time, and although your service will have been shortened you will be charged for the full treatment.

Charges will be made to the Credit Card you provided at time of booking the appointment.  
Future appointments will not be scheduled where missed appointments have not been paid for.
I do not add the amount of lost Gratuity.
I charge the minimum for the service category, or time you booked.  If you booked a $285 Facial, you will be charged $200 as this is the minimum fee for my Facial services.  Please understand I could have booked and treated a client who would have likely spent $342 on this service, and also lost the value of their potential retail purchases.  

Politely, when you book my time, I block that time for YOU.  I decline other requests for treatment, and in doing so I am unable to recover that time and income.

Those who have met me know I am not money driven.  I honor you and thyself.   I offer exceptional services and an unmatched experience, but it is my income.  I am a single working mother, and my two children rely on my financial accountability.

Karen Marshall.