Karen is recognized as a leading Holistic Practitioner.  Technique and intuition ensures your personalized experience. Enjoy focused healing at Karen's private centrally located Telluride Spa Studio.

Clients enjoy Karen's professional and honest service.  'The time you buy is the time you receive, none of the 50 minutes for 60 shortfall.'  Karen delivers Holistic Therapy and focus to the standard she expects, (but rarely finds) 'on you, and tranquility.'  Treating a maximum of two Holistic Therapy clients daily, you are assured of quality.  Ahead of your treatment a New Client Consultation is completed, during which Karen will listen and determine your perfect tailored treatment recommendation.  

RELAXING Swedish                  60 Mins $130   90 Minutes $195 

DEEP TISSUE / Athletes          60 Mins $160   90 Minutes $220

AROMATHERAPY LYMPHATIC    60 Mins $160   90 Minutes $220

PREGNANCY CARE                  60 Mins $130   90 Minutes $195

HOT STONE                            60 Mins $195   90 Minutes $225

  G5 VIBRATORY DEEP               60 Mins $180    90 Minutes $250  

CLEOPATRA'S Back Ritual + $190

Discover Thalgo Marine, found only in the worlds finest spas. 

Combine massage with Thalgo's deeply invigorating back treatment.  

Seaweed nutrients and minerals sooth joints, ease muscles, regulates skin and calms the mind and body.

NOT suitable during pregnancy. NOT for clients with seaweed/seafood/metal allergies, with coronary or thyroid conditions.


Karen is IIRS Certified Reflexologist (1999)

20 Minutes Feet                              $50

40 Minutes Feet                              $95

60 Minutes Feet & Hands               $135  

80 Minutes Feet,Hands,Face,Head $185

Add Healing Algae Foot Wrap      + $ 40


FRESH FEET                                    $60

PEDI-flexology                              $150

Everything a pedicure should be with Reflexology