W A X   M A S T E R

 Karen's wax technique is described as most thorough and comfortable in Telluride.  'I leave nothing'.

BIKINI the standard service, where hair is removed to the bikini line, you can chose to leave your underwear on during this service.

FRENCH leaves a narrow strip, does not remove labia or anal hair.  You are lower body naked with legs apart during this service.

BRAZILIAN leaves a short strip or oval at the front, removes labia and anal area.  You are lower body naked with legs apart during this service. 


MARTINI leaves a styled triangle at the front, removes labia and anal hair.


Advise before treatment if you require a strip or triangle.

Bikini Line                           50.00

French                                60.00

Brazilian                            100.00

Hollywood baby smooth      100.00

Hollywood Martini              100.00

Manzillian baby smooth      200.00

Low Back                   from  20.00

Extensive Inner Thigh          20.00

Abdomen (w/bikini)            10.00

Abdomen alone           from 30.00


Full Leg                              90.00

3/4 Leg                              75.00

1/2 Leg (+knee)        45.00/55.00


Underarms                         45.00

Arms                        40.00/60.00

Back                        60.00/80.00

Chest                                 85.00


Brow Style                        45.00

Brow Tidy                         30.00

Lip                                   20.00

Upper & Lower Lip            30.00

Chin                                 25.00

Jaw                                  30.00

Chin & Jaw                       40.00

Cheeks                             35.00

Cheeks & Jaw                   45.00

Ear Lobes                         30.00

Nose                                30.00

Combination reductions during consultation.   


Thorough and longer lasting results

Available with Wax Treatments

Brow Tint $30  Lash Tint $50

W A X   1 0 1

Body temperature and skin dryness will impact the speed and your experience.  Exfoliate ahead of wax services.  Waxing is not suitable for everyone. Broken and bruised skin needs to heal.

Wear lose clothing.  Avoid perfumed products, hot showers, sports, contact, saunas and spa tubs for 24 hours post wax. 

M A N C I N E 

A u s t r a l i a

Hot and Strip Wax for comfortable, thorouth and efficient wax experiences.

B I O D E P Y L  by Thalgo

PROVEN Hair Retarding and after care management of irritated skin and ingrowing issues. 

A B O U T   E L E C T R O L Y S I S

100% permanent hair removal by the Electrolysis procedure can not be completed in just one treatment, it is a weakening process. Each treatment session will cause the hairs directly treated to be disabled, but the energy impulses will stimulate new hair growth directly around the previously treated area. The newly stimulated hair will grow in finer and thinner but will need to be continually treated until its growth stops completely. Depending on certain factors,

Electrolysis can take as many as four years to be successfully completed. The amount of time needed will be based on the specific area that is being treated as well as each patient’s hair depth and density. While all other methods of hair removal are fast and easier, only Electrolysis can guarantee 100% permanent hair removal results. With regularly spaced Electrolysis treatments, the removal of unwanted hair can become a permanent reality. 

20 Years ADVANCED Experience

Karen is an experienced Transgender Friendly Electrologist, with superior UK training, and assures you of a very warm welcome

YOUR focused commitment to this service is necessary to the continued success.

Electrolysis is remains the only method of hair removal, the FDA recognize as permanent.  Anything else is Hair Management.

During Consultation your suitability for treatment will be assessed.  Your understanding and expectations of treatment will be met.  I qualified in 1998 and have continued to practice and train.  I have a reputation for gentle, speedy and efficient treatment.

Sterex Blend and Diathermy Services.

Sterex Disposable Needles.

Sterex Healing/Camouflage Home Care.

Cold sores, bruises and broken skin prevents electrolysis treatment. 

Heart and blood pressure conditions are unsuitable for the Blend Method of Electrolysis.

COST FROM 10 MINUTES                  + $2.00 per additional minute.                           + $5 each probe (typically 1).

   10 minutes                 25.00

   15 minutes                 35.00

   20 minutes                 45.00

   30 minutes                 65.00

   45 minutes                 95.50

   60 minutes               125.00 

                     CANCELLATION POLICY                                       

Up to 1 hour appointments - 

24 hours notice to cancel.
2 hour plus appointments
48 hours notice to cancel.


 for late or No show occurrences. 
Please plan to arrive slightly ahead.

           Credit Card to reserve appointment.