Enjoy a luxurious, peaceful and private suite to yourself - no intrusive onlookers!.  Your treatment is carried out on a heated couch, oxygen, water or hot tea.

PEDI PLUS   Everything a Pedicure should be  $90   45 Minutes.

$140  60 Minutes
Thorough Pedicure with Reflexology.  Read reviews shop around.

There may be breaks in your treatment as Karen attends clients at oxygen bar.  No interruptions during Reflexology component.

REFLEXOLOGY Relaxing Treatment
Karen is International Institute of Reflexology Trained and Certified (1999)
20 Minutes Feet                                          $50
40 Minutes Feet                                           $95
60 Minutes Feet & Hands                         $135
80 Minutes Feet, Hands Face & Head    $185
Add Rebalancing Algae Foot Wrap           $60

When regular treatment is required to assist with health maintenance and.or recovery, my service is offered on a sliding scale.  A Client Consultation is required.
Consultation 30 Minute $50