Medical Center personnel bring their children to and recommend Karen for Ear Piercing.  When medical professionals recognize hygienic practices feel assured you are in a great place.

Karen has pierced children's and adult's ears (lobes) for many years.  All earrings are unopened before client selects studs for piercing - see page heading picture.  

There's no rush.  Karen is especially experienced at helping the most nervous client through this process.  Karen ensures clients and parents are fully informed of the entire process ahead of the procedure.

Each client leaves with hygienically pierced ears, home-care cleanse, instructions, and fully informed of the recovery process.

BEST TIME TO HAVE A CHILD'S EAR'S PIERCED is just as school breaks, or Friday after school during school schedule.

Some medical conditions take this treatment outside of the scope of Karen's training.  Those suffering with Diabetes, or other blood, sensory or immune system conditions are Contra-indicated (unsuitable for treatment).  Your MD will advise and maybe assist with this service.  When your Physician is able to provide a written letter of approval for Ear Piercing, Karen may carry out this treatment?

Ear Piercing Service  $100                  

Includes Studs,Treatment & Homecare.

Note you are being treated by an Electrologist, trained and qualified in services breaking skin's barrier. You enjoy the privacy of a hygienic and private sweet.

Earrings are Hypo-Allergenic.
Manufactured by Eri.

Karen declines to work on children under 8. 
Children will be asked if they want their ears pierced.  If it is determined the child is being forced into the treatment, the appointment will be terminated.

No lobe or body piercing.