The CACI non surgical facelift system is world acclaimed. CACI treatment systems truly deliver visible and corrective results without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. Scroll this page to see the dramatic results achieved using CACI's exclusive technology has attracted an impressive celebrity following.

CACI stands for Computer Assisted Cosmetic Instrument. CACI is the only Micro-Current of it's kind, and achieves lasting results because of the exclusive patented Tsunami Waveform.  No other Micro Current has the Tsunami waveform.  CACI was devised in the USA by Dr Richard King.  Dr King while researching treatments for Bell's Palsy and Stroke conditions, discovered the CACI's dramatic firming, lifting and smoothing results.  The CACI Tsunami Wave form communicates with the Gogli Tendon, where the brain of the muscle is found, ATP - muscle energy is increased by 500%.  The Gogli brain communicates with the central nervous system, to remind and re-educate the muscle, to return to it's younger form - a smoother, firmer, lifted you reappears.