CACI Cellulite Therapy                                    Micro current is passed on mass through layers of rollers contouring the skin.  Circulation is boosted in a local area to dislodge trapped fluid and bring about rapid circulation.  Collagen production is triggered.  Surface muscles and tissue are toned to achieve plump and smoother skin and curve. 



with Consistent 

5 Star Reviews

Massage for FULL time purchased.
Works in silence.
Never tired - 2 Clients Daily.
I Give the massage I expect.
British Qualified - 20 years experience.      
 Intuitive Massage & Energy Therapist.
Prices reflect documented quality of treatment,
not loaded for hotel mark up.
Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
60min $185 / 90min $235 / 2hr $310
Swedish Massage Therapy
 60min $160 / 90min $215
Pregnancy Care Massage
75min $160 / 90min $200
Hot Stone Massage Therapy
 60min $190 / 90min $230
Aromatherapy Massage Therapy
with Tisserand Organic Oils
 60min $180 / 90min $235
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
90min $235

When suitable go DEEPER with ADVANCED Therapy      G5, High Frequency, Infra Red Heat/LED Photo.

5 STAR Reviews Since 1994

G5 Deep Tissue Massage  

Melt muscles and boost circulation to a depth impossible to achieve with manual massage therapy.  The G5 is an excellent choice for massage therapy as a sole treatment, or addition to a any massage treatment.

G5 Stubborn Areas                
 Fat, Cellulite and Fluid build up are forced into circulation for natural disposal.

Safe Tan Spray & Lotion

A beautiful tan can be achieved however you prefer the application.  Intraceuticals Spray is applied with oxygen, enhancing the experience and  conditioning your skin beyond the color.  Thalgo lotion allows you to watch the color develop over night

Full Body Tan $80


Friendly Practitioner.  My UK training, 20 Yrs Experience and Subject Knowledge, assure you of a very warm welcome. 

MMA Back or Body Wrap 

This is a sumptuous warming experience.  Is deeply relaxing, rebalancing and clarifying for the skin. The perfect back / body mask (above). 

Back 1 Hour Service $185

Body 2 Hour Service $320

Body 90 Min Service $240 (You body scrub at home).

Frigi Wrap (below). 

Lower body 90 Minute Service $240

Full body 90 Min Service $240 (You body scrub at home).

Full Body (excludes bust) 2 Hour Service $320                                

You have to be bold in the cold to benefit from this wrap.  Vasoconstiction brings about an intense expulsion of trapped fat, fluid and toxins.  It's perfect to slim a few inches when you are in 'Party Panic'.


H O T   S T O N E


Wedding / Group Bookings

Onsite Spa Contracting.                         

  A full service Pop Up Spa at your residence. See Spa Go page. 



Up to 1 hour appointments - 

24 hours notice to cancel.
2 hour plus appointments
48 hours notice to cancel.

 for late or No show occurrences. 

Please plan to arrive slightly ahead.
Credit Card to reserve appointment.