Karen is English, a native of Nottinghamshire, England, UKGB, and a diversely experienced, British Qualified and CO Licensed Spa Professional.  

Karen's extensive skill set is built on a wealth of international experience and continuing education with global prestige cosmetic and technology leaders.  Telluride is overrun with newly qualified spa personnel, their maturity often masks their lack of experience, but you are still expected to pay top dollar for mediocre services.  Karen's portfolio is available for review.  Ask to see your Spa Practitioners evidence of experience. 

During Karen's 25 year career Karen rose in the spa industry, working in a variety of spa situations.  Karen discovered how to best serve clients, and understand where her personal Spa joy rests.  'In 2009 I sold my UK Spa interests, and this brought me right back to the spa joy I cherish - the people.'  

Previously, Karen created two notable independent UK Day Spas, where management responsibilities drew her away from the contact with clients.

Here in Telluride Karen focus' on client requests, and that which she intuitively connects with.  Karen's Spa Studio uses global premium lines and technology, usually only found in the world's most prestigious spas - Paris, Manhattan, LA, Miami etc.  'I enjoy this position, as my accomplishments are recognized by prestige suppliers, who typically only deal with large entities.'  

Healthy Glow Day Spa is a luxury private studio, where Karen works solo, not a multi room affair, 'I prefer to avoid the 'conveyor belt.'  

Telluride locals, second home owners and visitors appreciate Karen's ease, integrity and reliability.  'I offer diversity, experience with one to one attention to clients. People before money and everything else falls into place.'  Karen also contracts in residence and accepts Non Disclosure Contracts - prices on request. 

'I hope we meet soon.' Karen. 

Karen, 53 - November 2018